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Manufacturing Facilities - Others Facilities & Equipment

others facilities & equipment

* Modernized and automated kiln drying rooms to dry timber to required moisture content.

others facilities & equipment

* Timber storage

others facilities & equipment

* The timber is graded and carefully selected to ensure consistent quality.

others facilities & equipment

* The timber is treated with CCA preservative in a pressurized system to enhance durability.

others facilities & equipment

* Four sided timber planer machine.

others facilities & equipment

* Cross cut jump saw.

We are a socially responsible company that take precaution to protect our envirionment from pollution. We have efficient dust extraction and filter system to prevent air pollution. We also has a boiler that utilize the wood waste to generate heat for drying of timber.

Wood Dust extraction and filter system

* Wood dust extraction and filter system.

Boiler that generate steam from wood waste to dry timber

* Boiler that generate steam from wood waste to dry timber.

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